This is it !

After a year of travelling in Europe The LB Project first edition is finally over.
Berlin (Bright tradeshow), Copenhagen (Street Machine), Barcelona (FTC), Paris (Le Point Ephémère), Amsterdam (Ben G) and London (Parlour) gave us a lot of love.

Amazing artists BB Bastidas, Jeremy Fish, Chad Eaton, Kid Creature, French, Mike Kershnar, Jeremyville, Todd Bratrud, Fos, gave us a lot of magic with incredible art.
Media such as Place, Dogway, Bitchslap, Sidewalk, À Propos, Flatspot gave us a lot of space to spread the word.
Partners such as Volcom, Globe, Nixon, LRG, Crime LR, Olow, Iriedaily gave us a lot of support to make it happen.

By giving us your hand you supported Skateistan to run their amazing program in Cambodia, Afghanistan and South Africa.

Thanks for all !

Stay tuned for The LB Project edition 2 coming soon !!